TEaCHing with TECHnology

Looking through tweets I found there were some useful hashtags to search under that I hadn’t really looked at before.  #edtech #spedtech and #edchat were are very helpful and it was cool to see communities of people talking about similar things that are relevant to teaching.  This is one tweet I found:


While this one included a link that pertains to ELL students I think that it is important for any teacher to know about those resources because any teacher could have an ELL.  Granted this article was aimed at promoting a company that designs programs to teach languages it still has some relevant information.  Programs to help ELLs often would help any student struggling with language.  In the graphic, it mentions being able to receive vocal feedback because some programs allow students to record themselves and then they can compare it to what they hear.  This could be especially useful for students who might not be able to easily recognize their own mistakes.  It also allows them to learn at their own pace because it is interactive. I think I would use a program for reading in my class sometimes, especially if I thought the student needed extra support.  At the same time though, I recognize that language needs to be taught person-to-person and be used in conversations to fully understand it but this is a great way additional way to support students.


In this tweet it has a link to (ironically) an info graphic talking about the usefulness of info graphics.  I think that info graphics are especially helpful to show students so that they are able to grasp concepts easier.  They would be great to use as an overview of a lesson, especially one that contains a lot of complex information or even to use as a review for a lesson at the end of the day.  The website also has links to a bunch of different websites to make your own info graphic which could be a great tool to have students learn to see if they can summarize material and if they understood what was talked about that way.  I know I’m always more willing to read an info graphic because it’s more appealing so students likely would too. By having them create their own you are encouraging synthesis of information, persuasion techniques, decision making on what is important, organizational skill and improving their use of technology.


This tweet was really helpful because it contained a link to a website where there were a bunch of apps that teachers could use.  The coolest part is that they were all ranked, rated and reviewed so you can see what other teachers have to say about them.  iPads seem to be more and more common in schools, especially in special education classrooms so it’s good to have a place to go to get those resources.  In the classrooms I have been in they have heavily used games either as part of the lesson or as a rewarding break for students.  This website will help to evaluate which games would be more helpful than others.  I think it is important to note that not all of the games have the highest “learning” rating which makes me recognize that any sort of technology needs to be evaluated in the classroom.  The games might seem great but the children need to be using them to learn and I think this website is an important resource to help teachers recognize which would be most useful to them and their students.

I’m finding that twitter is a great resource for other resources.  I haven’t found as many links that are related directly to telling people how to teach but more practical links that  can be used to help gain resources teach in the classroom.  It’s great to see so many things out there so that I know when I have my own classroom I don’t have to depend solely on my own creativity but can look for a digital community to help support me in the classroom.


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