Tech and Twitter

Twitter continues to prove to be a great resource for information using technology in the classroom.  Below are some tweets that I have found might be helpful.

This article is interesting because it breaks down the different stages of implementing technology in the classroom and what it might look like.  It also shows the different aspects about how the technology can effect the different aspects of a school: the classroom, administration, teachers etc. This allows you to assess what aspects of your school environment are or aren’t technology friendly and to see maybe how you can improve.

The website linked in this twitter post gives great suggestions about how to make sure teachers feel comfortable using technology.  This is useful for right now as we are learning technology and I think this class is set up so we aren’t overwhelmed by all the new technology that we learn because it is introduced in increments.  This article also includes things that are important to remember for when we will actually be in the classroom and may be helping to teach other teachers how to use technology.

The website linked in this tweet is  really helpful because it gives things to keep in mind when including technology in the classroom for students who are so used to having technology in their life.  I think one of the most important parts of the article that I want to keep in mind when I am teaching is to see how beneficial it is to allow students to personalize their learning through technology.  The article also mentions how students now are used to communicating “multi-directional dialogue” so if that’s what they are used to then why in the classroom are we stopping them from reaching out and communicating with others?  There is more to the world than a teacher standing at a chalkboard at the front of the class.  We can be allowing students to connect to each other and to people around the world to share their ideas and help them grow.


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