Why do we need to read blogs?

After following a few blogs one article caught my attention: Why It’s Imperative to Teach How to Question as the Ultimate Survival Skill.  I’m constantly questioning people and things in my head.  Why do I need to do this assignment? Why do I need to read blogs?  How is this helping me?  Sometimes the questions are answered as I work through something, sometimes the questions aren’t answered.  But rarely do I ever ask anyone those questions.  I feel that most people are constantly asking questions and those questions typically revolve around ideas or things they are dissatisfied with.  The people that act on finding the solution are often some of the most brilliant inventors of all time.

Questioning people in school is an important skill to have it helps you learn about the material and learn what you don’t understand.  Questions move the world forward and as suggested in the blog, questions spark great ideas and have moved many companies forward.  In my future classroom I want to make sure to create an environment where my students feel comfortable asking me questions and feel that it is ok to do so.  The social pressure may be encouraging them to not ask questions, especially in front of their peers, because no one wants to look like they don’t know what they are doing in front of their peers. Hopefully I will be able to create an environment where questioning is encouraged.  I want my students to ask me questions and yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable when I don’t know the answer but it creates a great situation where we can all learn together.

Questioning in the classroom is important academically but it is also important socially.  I was talking to one of my friends the other day and commented on how she had been talking with so many different people she responded that she didn’t need to be good at anything other than asking questions because people love to talk about themselves.  Questions help lead a story and as we have talked about before, we are all storytellers.  If you are able to ask the right questions those questions can lead you to getting to the right answers.  It helps you create your story and allows others to share their story with you. If we don’t teach our students to become critical thinkers how will they write the next chapter in the book of human evolution?  Now that’s a real question.


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