This Weeks Tech Tweets

This tweet has great suggestions for apps to help students with studying.  Some of the apps are great because they have some great features that combine the benefits of regular flashcards with some added features.  Some of them have reminders for students and others allow audio as well.  A flashcard app can help students study together and study wherever they have access to a phone or computer.  Teachers could also share flashcards they make as a study tool or they could have their students work together to create the cards and the students could all have access to them later to study from and review material.

This tweet contains a link to a website that has a bunch of resources about digital citizenship.  As we discussed before digital citizenship is very important to teach to students because they need to understand the digital world and how to be a participant in it. One of the resources links to a cyberbullying toolkit.  Cyberbullying is a concern for all ages of students so it’s important teachers have resources so they can teach about appropriate use of the internet.

In this article there are many resources discussing project based learning.  Technology can have a very large part in project based learning and allowing students to show and express what they know. It allows us a great way to effectively assess students’ learning.  There are many people talking about their use of or views of PBL and models of what it can look like.



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